LAb4911 Video Documentary

LAb4911 at Kubus EXPORT Der Transparente Raum – Video Documentary of Installation Part I
(June 12th 2010, Vienna)

The installation consists of two works (“L.A. Driving” and “Stop&Go”) that have been created independently from each other in 2001 in Los Angeles. Both are impressions and reflections of the city,  both have been recorded out of driving cars. When we found out about each other’s work it was clear that we want to present them together. Following the ideas of Vilém Flusser to take out the image of it’s common context to create a new form of dialogue, we decided quickly that a perfect place for the installation would be VALIE EXPORT’s Transparent Cube in Vienna. This glass cube is located under the bridge of an aerial railway station (Josefstädtergürtel), enframed by two big streets with a lot of traffic – a transitory place inbetween movement and standstill. The cube reflects the city surrounding it. By projecting the photographs and the video on it we created an imaginary space with the parameters light and time that merged with reality and that invited people to interact with the installation and thus to become part of it themselves.
Verena Bayer – Gert Brantner – Irene Prieler – Michael Wildmann
Berlin/Vienna 2010

Please contact us if you are interested in a high resolution version.